monitor vs HDTV


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I have an xbox 360 and I really want to play in high def. Computer moniters are basically the same thing as hdtvs arent they? so should I get an HDTV or should I go for the monitor and save some $$ ? would there really be a noticable dif in picture? Also I've beeen lookin at Olevia's tvs it says on their site that it supports digital tv and widescreen movies in 1080i. does that mean i would be playing xbox in 1080i?
yes but ther is a HUGE difference in the output\input interfacte one is VGA(the monitor) and the xbox is NTSC. you can buy a converter that range from 65$-200$ on newegg so its up to you really you wont get the same quality and make sure monitor can support at least 1600x1200 to fully suport the HD. i dont know if a TV tuner card would work but it probaly costs the same to get enough card for zero lag.