Monitor rocker switch got burned out?


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Hi all,

I need your help. I have got a problem with my monitor as the power rocker switch got burned out as it have happens in few months ago. When I switched on, it have only got very little screen lights come on and the led light didn't come on. I found it very strange as it was working at the other day.

However, yesterday I bought a second hand monitor on ebay that is exactly the same as mine, so I can use it for a spare. I have removed the rocker switch plug from the second hand monitor to plug them onto my old monitor to see if the problem is caused by my old rocker switch so guess what?

My old monitor are still working fine. The screen lights and the led lights have come on with no problem. I have tested my rocker switch onto the second hand monitor and the screen lights and the led light did came on for few seconds before it went off. I have checked the switch and usually when you switch it on and off, it should be hard but on mine it goes soft. I smelt the burned when I used the monitor before it got stop working.

I don't really understand how the rocker switch got burned out. I guess that it could be the lifetime that got over 10,000 hours or if there is a short circuit somewhere on the power board. I have looking on my monitor power board and I found that there is no capacitors are blown, everything is looking normal.

Do you know why the rocker switch got burned out?

Do you think if something to do with lifetime how long the rocker switch can last for or do you think there is a short circuit somewhere on the power board?

I would need to buy a new black rocker switch with 6A 250ACV (10 A - 125 VAC). Do you know where I can get one from?

Thanks in advance.


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I think it has to do with the fact that some parts simply fail before their time. If I were you, I wouldn't worry so much about it. Fix it and move on.

If you had replaced the switch with a new one and it failed right away, then I might be concerned that there is something wrong.


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Isn't that power switch next to the plug like on a PSU? If so take one off a broken PSU.