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Hey, I was messing around with the monitor resolutions on my pc...not smart...and I changed it to one which is out of my monitor's range. It's selected now, and it says out of range everytime I reboot. I dont think I have a monitor which will support the resolution I have it on, and the only way I'm able to get on the internet right now is running through safe mode with networking. Please help!
if you still have the drivers for your video card on disk or if they are accessible anywhere else,

stay in safemode, then goto control panel, then go into "Device Manager", then uninstall your video card by double clicking on "Display Adapters", then RIGHT clicking on whatever pops down and clicking on uninstall.

Then reboot normally, and install the drivers. Because the drivers have been uninstalled, the resolution gets set back to the default, which i think is 640 resolution? might be 800..

good luck.
Hrmm.... it wouldn't stay at the out of range setting unless you pressed enter after it changed. Most Windows OS's give you that 15 second pop-up box, and unless you press enter or click ok, then it changes back.

Check your frequency while in safe-mode (it's under Advance Tab in your display properties) to about 65 -75 Hertz.

And do what Imation said too...
hhhmmm you failed to mention what version of windows you are running.

At any rate, when you are booting up your computer you should be able to hit "F8" and get the boot menu to come up. From there you will need to go into "safe mode". When you boot to safe mode it will default the res to 640x480 just for instances like these.

Once in there you can change your display settings back down to a lower rate, reboot, then your good to go again :)
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