Monitor question


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Sorry if this is obvious w/e, but i need some help.

I have an HP laptop with vista, and i use a flatscreen LG tv for a second monitor. I use a VGA cord that has always worked fine everytime i use it. The other day i plugged it in as usual, and when i went switched over to th RGB input as i always do, it simply says 'no signal'.

My computer recognizes that a seperate monitor is plugged in, and still extends the desktop...

The TV recognizes that there is something plugged into that input, otherwise i cant even switch to the RGB input when nothing is plugged in.

I tried various display settings, etc. on both the tv and the computer, and i still get the same thing. Its just confusing, because everything else seems to be working normally, as it always does, and both objects seem to recognize that the connection is fine.

Also: other inputs on the tv are working fine

thank you very much for reading, and for any possible ideas/help you can give, thanks


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If you can try another VGA cable, I would do.

The TV and laptop may see it as connected because its plugged into the port, but maybe somethings snapped inside :(