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Hi, tried to intall cd rom drive and computer would not run untill it was unplugged. since then, I have found that my display is set to 16 colors and refuses to change to 256 or 16 bit. i have tried removing the monitor and using the detect new hardware but comes up as plug and play on nvidia geforce mx/mx400.
i have tried search for new driver with no luck tells me i already have the correct driver. the monitor is an acer 77c which i have found a driver on line for but cant use because windows ME doesnt know i have this monitor!!! How do i change the settting for adding a new monitor......... i liked windows 98 much better, or was it 95 had a tab change monitor on it, can't find anywhere to do that here.
please help.
i have 400mherz computer running ME with 128 meg ram and 32 meg graphics card, so seems weird to be looking at this spotty mess.
thanks in advance
as far as the monitor drivers go, go into device manager and remove the generic one thats in there. reboot the system, it should re-detect and let you install the drivers.

as far as that video card, i would go to and download the 40.72 detenator drivers. This should hopefully take care of it.
The Detonator 41.03's been out, but the 30.82 is the most stable release currently. Follow the above by uninstalling the generic monitor driver
Thanks, but it hasn't worked,
it finally found the acer 77c monitor and installed the driver i downloaded for that. i moved the 30.82 driver files into the folder windows system32/drivers and it found and installed i presume the correct driver. BUT i still cannot change from 16 clors to 256 or 16 bit. im still getting rundll and kernel error on startup also.any ideas???
The 40.72 WHQL dets are out and stable now, using them at home.
Thanks, think i might have to format, im going around in circles, have tried reinstalling the damn thing must be 50 times, reistry is probly out of wack now too..................thanks for your how do i format???LOL
Does'nt seem to me as the videodrivers would be the problem. Have you checked and installed the drivers for AGP and the chipset (VIA, Intel..)? Bad or no drivers here and you can forget the performance of an AGP card like the one mentioned.
If they are OK I would remove the drivers, install a Generic driver and then reinstall the new drivers.
HW errors usually does make the whole card dead.
Thanks...problem solved

firstly, thanks for all the replies here on the forum and the private ones. i followed everyones advice :)
ended up throwing the machine at my repairer and found I had a nasty virus that was eating my files!!! Had to format and flash??? the CMOS??
have gone back to Windows 98 also as seems to be less buggy for me, I now have Nortons systems works and virus thingy and am going greeat guns problems...:) so faar...........
Thanks again, for this great rsource and the help herin.
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