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my sister gave me her old ViewSonic Viewpanel VE150B (or VE150) 15" lcd flat panel monitor to use in a dual monitor setup. The only thing is that she cant find the power cable for it. It isnt a regular old power cable, it is a special kind.

Here are the power specs from the official site:

Voltage: AC 100–240V (universal) via external DC converter brick
Consumption: 30W (max); 25W (typ)

This is from a power cable from Ebay that supposedly works with the VE150:
1) Input: 100 - 240V
2) Output: 12V 5A, 60W

So I went to wal-mart (no more electronics stores around here anymore, small town) and looked. They had a 12 piece adaptor set. It had 12 different heads that you can attach, and it has a voltage adjuster that has 12v option on it.

So my question is, can I use this set with my monitor safely? Or Do I need a special type of cable? I dont want to mess up :confused:
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