Monitor on standby! after mem switch

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Hi folks,

I have a computer from a friend which was working fine. Then he switched the memory sticks (he's not totally computer illiterate, I'm confident he did this properly. eg. power off, correct slots etc...) The problem was when he turned it back on, the monitor doesn't come on.

He brought it to me and I've tried taking everything out, cleaning it all and going again. I had trouble trying to find out how to reset the BIOS, its an ASUS A7A266 mobo.

When I plug it in, all the fans start up, but I hear no hard disk noise and no beeps of any sort... and the monitor just stays on standby.

Any ideas?

Thankyou guys,

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You say he switched the memory, did you try switching it back to the old memory?

The monitor is really an un-related issue, the monitor is on standby cuz your system isnt booting up. most likely because of the wrong memory and/or bad memory.

So its really system wont boot after memory switch, specially if you hear no beeps and hard disk not turning on.

Find out the right memory for your mother board and put that in. some mother boards cant handle Non-ECC memory and need only ECC and when you put non-ecc in you issues like that. it also might just be bad memory if he just throw some in thats be laying around.


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Remove the cmos battery for a few minutes then try it again. If nothing then Unhook everything from the board except the power connectors, and take all the ram, video card, extra pci cards etc from the board and then try rebooting. If you still get no post or beeps (and the board has a speaker hooked up) the boards no good.
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