Monitor not coming on - Hardware issue?


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I have a problem with my newly build computer (well, around 45 days old).

It's worked fine until not without a single problem (couple of BSOD's at first, but they died down). But today, I have a more serious problem and I believe that my motherboard may have because faulty/defect :(

I went to put a second hard drive in to back up one or two large files I don't need at the moment, just to save space whilst I didn't need them. Powered my PC up; fine, but it wasn't recognising the HDD. I realised I forgot to plug the power into it (silly me), so I shut down and plugged the 4pin molex in and powered my computer. This is when the problem arose, my monitor was NOT coming on at all, not through my GPU, not through my motherboards VGA either. I don't know why this is, but I've had my motherboards battery out for around 20 mins now and I'll be putting it back in shortly to see if it works.

I don't know what may have happened here, only thing I'm assuming is that a capacitor or fuse has possibly blown on the motherboard.

RMA my hardware? I think the RAM may be a bit funny anyway.


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put the CMOS batt. back in AND trip the jumper, see if it turns on.

did you try booting with the new hard drive installed, and then shutting dow nand removing it, and trying again?

remove 1 RAM stick, attempt boot. Replace that one and try removing the other one (obviously, this relies on you having more than 1 RAM module)

you can find more tips about troubleshooting this on the various computer boards that are up on the net, and searchbarring here might yield some useful results too.



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Lack of video is generally not a RAM issue. Make sure that you have all the PSU connectors plugged into the motherboard (and Graphics card) and then make sure the graphics card is well-seated.

Since you have reset the BIOS you will likely have to boot off the built-in graphics port first and go into the BIOS and tell it to use the add-in card.