Monitor Issues


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My parents approached me with an issue their monitor was going black within a few minutes of being powered on. I assumed the problem was a loose cable, a power saver/hibernation option but it is not. Nor is it anything relating to the computer as a new monitor is hooked up and working without problems. Secondly, the monitor seems to resume the problem when attached my computer as well. Knowing the problem is based within the monitor, if anyone has any info or feedback it would be greatly appreciated.


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This problem is most likely due to a bad Back light on the old monitor, After some time it heats up and then fails until its cooled again. That's why it only works for a few mins.

If you get the old monitor in the right light when it goes off you should still be able to see the display but very faintly. If so then it needs a new backlight and is not really worth fixing. Just get a new monitor.

Hope this helps :)