Monitor goes Idle during gameplay.

Well, I play a game called midnight club 2 with a radeon 9600. I have an old monitor about 6 years ago and when I am in the middle of a game at random times it will go idle and nothing will get it back. Is it my monitor? Or is it my gfx card? What do I do to fix it!?


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If the card was overheating, it would garble the image on the screen. If it just goes blank, it'd probably be the monitor. Try running the game at a lower resolution, or maybe the monitor at a lower refresh rate.


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Well, I say first try using a different monitor, and, if the same thing happens, then get the cooler and see if it's overheating issues. If it still happens, then it might be a faulty mobo pci e or agp slot. How old is your comp? If using a new vid card doesnt work, then it's most likley a mobo prob.