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Hi guys...hope everyone is doing well and staying happy:) I have a quick question for anyone that might have some insight...I can only run 16 colors on my monitor through display properties, and I should have more choices than that. I'm running Win98, and I checked to make sure it wasn't loading in safe mode. Any suggestions to give myself more color options? Thanks so much...

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hmm...try uninstalling your current graphic driver...reboot..then reinstall.

but before that,..may i ask what choices of color depth did you have on the display properties?
Well, I don't think I had any other choices. This computer was a salvage job, and I formatted the hard drive and installed Win98 on it. I've had 16 colors the whole time. Are the display drivers located on the 98 disk, do you know?
nope, comes with the video card...but you can download these drivers thru the net. what's your card, it nvidia based?
You need to open your computer and find out what modem of video card you have, then go to and download the drivers for that card.
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