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i am building a new computer from scratch and i need a new monitor to replace my old old windows 98 monitor. i was looking for a LCD monitor, 17", preferabally with a response time of >25ms but thats ok, and under $220. Also, I was wondering what the good brands of monitors are. If you could help me out that would be great. Thanks!
thanks for the refrence but i really wanna keep the price down because my computer is gettin a little over my budget. i wanna keep the monitor below $220, doesnt need to be too great but i would like it to be 17", 16ms or less response time, and resolution should be 1280x1024. thanks
thanks a lot! that helped a lot in my search for a good monitor. is polyview a good company or is it just like a standard monitor.
I personally have never owned a polyview monitor, but all the reviews say it is great, it has a 10ms response time and comes with a dvi cable.

"Stands for "Digital Video Interface." DVI is a video connection standard created by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG). Most DVI ports support both analog and digital displays. If the display is analog, the DVI connection converts the digital signal to an analog signal. If the display is digital, no conversion is necessary. There are three types of DVI connections: 1) DVI-A (for analog), 2) DVI-D (for digital), and 3) DVI-I (integrated, for both analog and digital). The digital video interface supports high bandwidth signals, over 160 MHz, which means it can be used for high resolution displays such as UXGA and HDTV. You may find DVI ports on video cards in computers as well as on high-end televisions."

It lets you hook up your monitor (only with LCDs) to your computer with a DVI cable if your video card has a DVI port, which results in better picture quality.
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