blah ok yesterday my bro needed to look up some information on this stupid hw he had, so I plugged my laptop in and external monitor since it was just sitting their, so after like 30 minutes we finished his homework, and then I played some counter strike and then doom 3 :), and then while still playing the game I unplugged the external monitor and then I restarted my computer, then it stars up fine it says IBM THINKPAD and then I choose windows xp- but its wicked its like in a window like id guess probably @ 640x320 and it shows windows XP pro but its small to again @ 640x320 then I see my logon screen and its fine its the normal size and every thing on my desktop is fine... I right click on my desktop and it says 1024x768 which is fine its the resolution I should be going at and I restart my comp again its still say windows xp pro which obviously is what its supposed to do duh lol but its in a window again idk any one help me please? Does any one understand me? O yea when i run my games i have to turn the resolution up to 1024x768 or if its not that big it would be in a window...