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living in the country is great, thast said one of the draw backs is iam held to a modem, been a long time since i used one, when i put this pc togather i bought a top end us robotics 56k v 92 modem. the best i can get after hrs of tweaking is a base of 49,5kps with a spurt sometimes of 53.7kps, is this normal?
entirely normal, just because it says its will most likely NEVER reach 56k

Sadly i too am stuck in the middle of the country on a 56k normally get 4-10k per second. Something weird lately, for some strange reason the last 3 days i've been getting up to 20k per second! its great and all but very strange. Because basically 56k modems arnt supposed to go that fast...maybe its possesed!!! AAAHH..

Lol anyway. your lucky getting 53.7kps

and i dout seriously that you'll be getting any better with a dialup modem :p
Hes correct. 49.9 is an EXCELLENT speed for a dial up modem. In fact the FCC limits the line data transfer on dial-up modems to 53.3 So that 53.7 is actually reading in error. Which is not uncommon in dial-up speed.
You can't get a better download than 49k even if it says its connected at a higher rate. Thats a 6.1kbs download. But the modem you bought is the best there is, nothing works better.
US robotics are capable of reaching at least 52kps. I was used to using this Brand call Momentum, a Rockwell chipset modem. It never reach 50kps. The highest i had was 48kps. But if you ask me to use dial up modem again.... i will rather die..
Yes thats very normal...i get from 45k to 48k from GVC 56k and it gives a download speed of about 4-10k :D lol
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