Modem problem ???

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I have a Intel Ham v92 56k modem installed on my Pentium 3 and all of a sudden it is dialing out at quarter of its normal speed and taking about 40 seconds to verify and connect, if it connects at all. Sometimes it takes up to 8 attemps at connecting. I have reinstalled it and verified I have the correct software and still the same. Does anyone have some ideas what is wrong or is the modem had it. Appreciate some help.:confused:
what error message comes up when you try to connect via the dialer?
You should try connecting without anything else plugged into ph line and if that doesnt work your should get a line test done

if you get a error message like 'line is busy' you may have to force your modem to a lower speed to connect.
Have you listened on the line when it dials? It could be possible that something really simple like it trying to dial tone instead of pulse could be causing the problem. Maybe you are getting a busy signal when you are connecting because the ISP phone line has more users than it supports. i would suggest listening in on the line (you may also hear some static). If there is a lot of static you can call the phone company to fix this problem and you can also change your initialization string to help you connect at a lower rate than v92.
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