Modem problem with Win2k

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I just installed Windows 2000 yesterday. I first tried to upgrade from Win98 to Win2k but it messed up because i tried convertign from a fat16 to whatever that one is for NT. Anyway...i just did a clean install of Win2k on my second harddrive and it works fine and dandy, BUT, my modem doesn't seem to want to work. I know for a fact that all my settings on the dial up connection are correct. I didn't have much time to mess with it this morning because i had to goto school, but i went ahead and uninstalled the whole modem from the device manager. When i get home i'll try to reinstall it, and if you still don't work i'll get on my dads computer and see if i can find some updated drivers. I'm thinking that it is MOST LIKELY the drivers. Because it worked fine in Win95, and Win98. I'm not completely sure what brand modem it is so when i get home i'll open the case up and see.

Anyone have any comments on this one?
I just need someone to back me up on the whole driver theory.
Drivers (also called ‘controllers’) act as an interface between the operating system and the devices that make up a computer to enable all the components to ‘understand’ each other and work together.

In the case of a graphics card, the driver informs the operating system of the different screen resolutions it supports (number of colours, frequency of updates, resolution, etc.)

Although operating systems already include controllers for the most commonly used peripherals on the market, the manufacturers modify them from time to time to improve their performance or to add extra features.
I think that you hit it on the head with the drivers,,,

pull the card and get the manufacture name off the board, or if not get the chip ID number and do a search on both with a META SEARCH engine,, add the words " +drivers+ windows 2000 " in your search line and something will pop up

most manufacturer's have 2k drivers , so you should be in pretty good straights to find something,,

happy hunting! :)
First of all, CrashAbbott, that info does not work for it works for but the drive they have its to big for me to move form one comp, to another. it is 4.46mb and a floppy will only hold 1.44 :(

Second of all, i took my modem out and copied down the FCC ID and then went to the FCC site and searched for it and found out it was made by CIS Technology Inc....

Now i can't find the right drivers for my modem.

I finally fixed it :) turns out it wasn't ANYTHING to do with the drivers LOL...

There was a conflict with COM2 and COM3 and my modem is on i changed the interupt request # for COM3 and amediately recognized my modem LMAO...

I feel to darn stupid now.
Oh yea.....thanks everybody who replied and tried its my turn to go help others :p
glad ya got it going:)

plus, i cant keep all the info in my mind straight all the time, but thanks for jogging my memory on the drivers guide :)

soorry that you dont have a burner... but ,, if you have a usb port on your machine, you can pick up a mini usb keychain drive -32mb- for about 40 a lot of headaches with transferring drivers

maybe for the future?
oh yea...ive seen those keychain things they are cool....sadly my computer is like 6 years old and was built by someone i dunno...and i have no usb ports :(

if i can find a dang job ill upgrade but until then im stuck with what i got....

LMAO: heres some stats dont laugh:

RAM: 32mb
PROCESSOR: Pentium II with MMX Support (233mhz)
Original HD Size: 3gigs
My second HD Size: 4gigs

thats enough...i know it blows....but it'll do for now.
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