modem noise over a dsl line

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This is a wierd one. I am the administrator on a mixed network of Macs and PCs. We have 2 Mac servers, about 20 IBooks, 4 Imacs and about 10 PCs running Windows 98 on a separate routed segment. Alll the Windows PCs are connected to the network with NICs and there are NO MODEMS in the system with the exception of the DSL modem that provides connectivity to my ISP. The DSL line is piggybacked onto a voice phone line and the line has a splitter and known good filters in line with the hand held phone.

Here is the problem: Sometimes when the PCs are on, there is the sound of a computer dailing out and connecting that is heard. This is most annoying as the ONLY connection to that particular phone line is the one phone and the connection to the network. None of the computers have modems. There is no other connection to the phone line. I am stumped. Can the NICs be sending modem noise through the system? Is that possible? I don't believe any of the NICs are EEPROMS but I would not swear to it.


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