MOD chip/PS2 CD burning question

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Ok, i have a question.
Recently i just purchased a PS2...From what I have been able to determine, it is a V7.
I have been looking into getting a MOD chip for it, but I think I'll wait until the warranty is expired.
Right no there seem to be few MOD chips for the V7, although I am starting to see one or two crop up.
However, when I began looking into requirements for installing a mod chip, I noticed that you needed to refer to your serial number, and that in every case I had investigated, the serial number needed to be concluded with the letter "R."
My question is this:
What is the significance of the R? My system does not have one - does this mean my chances of finding and installing a mod chip successfully are greatly reduced?
messiah 2 pro rocks

hey dude........ if u want a modchip i would deffinantly go for the messiah 2 pro......... it will work with all models and is currently the best modchip for ps2....ok.......

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I would go with the Magic 3x mod chip. It is cheaper, easier to install, and works just as well as the Messiah.
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