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hi, if I wanted a microATX motherboard with 1156 socket for an i5/i7 with the best nVidia O/B graphics possible, where would I look?

is such a thing likely to exist ?

what about a standard ATX ?
As far as I know, there isn't many boards that have onboard graphics, let alone Nvidia (the only I have seen have Intel)
for the record, none of the skt 1156 mobos have integrated vid. it is found on the cpu itself, but only on i3s and i5 6xx series cpus. the other skt 1156 cpus, the i5 750 and i7 8xx series, do not have integrated vid.

but not all skt 1156 mobos support the use of the integrated vid from the cpus that do have it. if you want to use it, you'll want to look at mobos with either h55 or h57 chipsets.

and the integrated vid is from intel like BlackGA mentioned.
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