Mobo Fried???

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Well I think I have really done it now, the other night I was pulling some pics off my digi cam when all of a sudden my screen "checkerboarded" I mean it was strange, so I thought a simple re-boot would fix the issue but even the bios screen looks like a checkerboard, really screwy patterns and the words on the screen are mixed up, so I took a known good drive and tried it but had the same results, could my motherboard be fried? it's a Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra with a P4 1.6 Northie, also I have taken everything out of the board except for the Radeon 9800 Pro. One more note, this happens in safe mode as well. As always, thanks.
suggest you to try refresh the bios and see what happen

also take a look at the motherboard itself, see if there is anything irregular, such as a popped power regulator.
Well I figured out that the problem was not the mobo at all but the BRAND NEW 9800 Pro card I bought 2 weeks ago. Thanks all.
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