Mobo: ASUS A7V-333

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Hi guys,

I bought the ASUS A7V-333 mobo for $215 in CAD -- thats about $140 in USD. Anyway.. compaired to other boards with the same standards, performance, and features.. do you think this board is overpriced? And what do you think of this board. in general?


I absolutely love this board. It is my first Asus as I have always been an Abit fan. I have never seen a more stable system as this one.
I think the price is fair considering what it come bundled with and the price has been reduced since I bought mine.
My friend owns one of these and it's great... rock stable and fast, plus the additional hardware/software is a nice kick-in. :)
WOW!! Now i'm really excited! I haven't even installed the board yet... so I can't wait till I finish this system... :) .. All i need to buy now is the HDD, ram and cpu! woo hoo!
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