MMORPG Character Selling Policy for Tech-Forums

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Call me Mak or K, Mod Emeritus
This is a post to inform all member that buying, selling or trading of any and all MMORPG characters is not allowed on Tech-Forums.

Most of the manufacturer's have a TOS that do not allow for this and we are taking that stance for all games. No game is excluded even if their TOS allows for such things. This is put in place so that we do not have to monitor each thread of such discussion to make sure they are not in violation.

This also includes any Game items or anything related to MMORPG's overall. We will not allow any kind of trade for MMORPG services or characters. No selling of items, weapons, characters or anything.

Along with this we are not allowing the sale of any steam or any kind of online accounts period. This is a subject that is up to each indivual EULA and TOS for each company and we can not monitor them all. So we are just flat out not allowing it to be dont on Tech-Forums at all. Blanket rule to cover any kind of online accounts.

There are plenty of other sites in which this can take place. We will not allow for it here.

If you wish to discuss this topic please see the original thread here:

Not open for further replies.