Missing Pics and Little Boxes

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I have OE6. Until recently everything was fine, i.e. Stationeries were being sent intact, now, however, little red Xs appear where pictures should be, yet ... Send pics with ...etc, is enabled. When I preview prior to sending, the pictures are there. A message is appearing telling me the pictures might not be sent, I find this puzzling, especially since all was ok a few days ago! Boxes appear instead of Quotation marks, etc. Mail received is the same, Nothing has been changed within the computer settings. Outlook Express is my mail default. I have no trouble whatsoever with fonts, receiving/sending.
I really want to know why this has begun to happen, and how to put it right. I enabled send attachments ... etc. (Tools, options, security..)
I did try a repair to OE and IE but this hasn't solved the problem.
Can anyone help, please? No System Restore Point available, the one I created has disappeared.
okay thats great and all and i might answer you when you learn to post in the right forum. will a mod please move this?
Well I am so sorry for posting in the wrong place.

If I had been used to posting I would have got it right, however, as I am fairly new to the world of computing I DO make mistakes, and after all, isn't that the way we are supposed to learn?

okay, we are going to have a mod move this thread as soon as one gets online so this can be straightened out. its okay that you made a mistake.
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