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I am having trouble with mIRC(gamesurge server), it seems to randomly disconnect, and it dosn't tell me so i'll be doing something then i'll open up mirc and type something and it will be like "* Disconnected", so i tells me i'm DC once i type then it reonnectts, and stays connected for a while, and i can chat and stuff, and then after a bit i type something and it does it again; * Disconnected :S
any ideas?
try connecting to a different gamesurge server. Many are old and do this sort of thing.

I usually get into irc.us.gamesurge.net
thats what i do also (that just picks the "best" available server in the us)
been a long time since I did IRC but I beleive that it simply pings the host server at set intentervals to tell it that you are still active. I think your getting dropped for inactivity. With some connections it wont do that, some it does. Google keep alive scripts for irc and see what you come up with.
i have it do that but it like dosn't "know" its DC till i type something
like once i type something it says DC then it recornects automaticaly
It should automatically reconnect without you inputting something. It's been a while here as well, so that's all I can tell you.
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