Millenia Power Off Problem

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My Micron Millenia PC won't power off after upgrading to Windows
XP Pro. I downloaded the updates from Microsoft and also contacted contacted Micron ,but they don't seems to have a solution

Can somebody help me?
My system is a Pentium III 533Mhz and 256 mb ram.
try to go into your control panel and under power or something look for turning it off or whatever...that might work or its some hardware problem ...

What does it say when you turn off your computer or try to?
Somewhere in the Control Panel theres something anbout, when hititng power button, do this, you may have to edit it in your bios.
lol thats what i just said! And might have to hold your power button till it turns off - that happened to me before but dont know if thats the right answer
go into the bios under Advanced Power Management and see if "soft Off" is enabled. If not , enable it,, if not an option, then the MOBO might not support it,,

Not being familiar with your hardware, I cant be specific on it, but the Advanced Power Management might fix ya up!

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