migrating RF7.5 from HDD to SSD


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I've seen the threads about migrating to a new computer. And, I understand why those require a reinstall. But, simply upgrading a hard drive with a byte for byte clone should not require this, should it?

Every other application (gaming rig with 100s of games installed) all run fine. But, RF throws a 21051 unknown product code.

The ONLY thing I can think that would be different between the two pieces of hardware are the serial number and maybe the volume ID.

Any chance a serial spoofer using the old drive's serial # might work?

only reason I'm hesitant to do a reinstall is this machine doesn't have an optical drive. IIRC installing over the network took ages, and creating an iso on a flash drive is nearly as big a hassle--plus I only have v7. So, after all that I still need to upgrade to 7.5. Seems an awful big runaround for something that should take 30 seconds to overcome.


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It's hard to tell, but since you only changed your drive there is not much room for error. This may be a special case, but usually most applications will check your motherboard for changes, not the storage drives.

There is no way to confirm this on closed source software, unless you are getting an error code or you ask the developer.

Maybe try this before doing something shady: http://kb321979.loadmicro.org/realflight-error-21051.html

Edit: given the solution seems to be running the Windows Repair Tool, it may be the case that something went wrong when cloning the drives.
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