might wanna upgrade the processor in my laptop


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right now, i have a AMD mobile sempron 2800 socket 754 in my laptop. if i bought a mobile athlon 64 3000/3200/3400 would it fit or would i have to buy an extra heatsink and whatnot? but most importantly would it work/put out too much heat? and would i see a performance difference?


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First check your motherboard's website and see what the motherboard can support. After you find out and it does support AMD 64 2800+ and higher. I heard your getting a moblie AMD 64 3400+, Just try it and if things go to worst than just sell the cpu.

For cooling, The sempron is alittle more slower than the AMD 64 becuase of lack of 64-bit and the lower L2. I would try the same cooling if it gets to hot (55c or over). Try getting the laptop cooling fans for the bottom