MicroSpy not Microsoft


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I really do think Microsoft should change their name to MicroSpy; it would be more fitting.

Here's some of my experiences and thoughts about reaching this conclusion: Yesterday, I was called to help a friend of a friend with an issue with Windows 10, basically he wanted to reinstall W10 Home so I downloaded it using their 'Media Creation Tool' and installed Windows, it all went fine until I came to activating it which for some reason I was having problems, I worked on it for a while and decided to live chat Microsoft about it, I explained all what I had done and they wanted to try and resolve the issues themselves. So they sent me a link and I downloaded a small tool that installed via their browser and then they were able to remotely control the laptop, I watched as they manually browsed his laptop and I was actually quite surprised of how easy it was for them to do this - I mean remote control software is nothing new and with current internet speeds is a breeze but it got me thinking about privacy and so on.

It's always been suspicious to me at just how much marketing Windows 10 has had, I don't ever remember a Microsoft product being advertised and practically forced down your throat as much as this one. There's so much controversy surrounding certain aspects of W10 (which I won't go into here) and I have read many things, but, of course, you should be careful of things you read.

But even today I've been reading up on Skype and been quite surprised to hear how Microsoft allow government agencies access to their supernodes, and even more that the advertising for Skype was just as bad as W10, on top of that they cut support for programmers and developers around Skype and removed all their API's an so forth which tells me they don't want anyone tampering with how Skype works, or even using their protocol which would of course cut out many of the 'f e a t u r e s'... included with Skype.

Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist I think that there's too much suspicion going on here to ignore. It seems to me that they're making considerable efforts to collect data, the way in which there software works is shifty, weather it's a deal they might have done with government agencies or just a technique to sell mass information for money you can't deny that their software has become a little seedy as of late. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to trust a Microsoft product.

But I suppose you could say the same for most things these days, even Facebook are creating ways to capture information from you (Reactions, status keywords etc...) to build a profile for targeted advertisements. If it's not money they want it's to snoop, they'll always hide behind the 'security' aspect but there's a fine line between that and respecting privacy. The word of information is a crazy place.