Microsoftne RESIGNS from tech-heaven

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LOL! You are something else. You put up an ad saying one of us should sell you a copy of XP Corp, and that even though you work for for M$, its no big deal, and I call you on it, and even try and help you out, and now:


Yea, I was wrong about you, all wrong. ;)

Know this. You will never stop Software Piracy. We are everywhere. When you take out one of us, 5 more will rise to take his place. Be content with the money you make off of the un-informed.


Regardless of this. This forum has NOTHING to do with software piracy. You have seen my time and time again, close threads and warn members for trying to barter in illegal materials. That is because I respect this forums and its owners, regardless of what "I" feel is right.

So go set up a sting somewhere else.
LMAO.... I got an email from this guy asking for XP Corp, told him I didn't have one, but that I could get one easily and asked him why he didn't get it from the M$ store where he gets a good deal, but he said that he needed a "cracked" version. ROTFLMAO!!!

People like this crack me up... "we will find you,,and when we do..... YOU ARE HISTORY....."

PS. You posted this in the wrong forum and.... BYE! ;)
Weird! This is a bit surreal.

My two bits. Anyway, Software is has and always will be affected the the principles found in Newton's third law, for everything they try to do to prevent copying, there will be a response to overcome it. This will always be the case. Especially when someone becomes the worlds RICHEST HUMAN by selling it. I don't really cry for, or feel bad for a company that has had uprecedented growth selling ones and zeros. Bill Gates and other MS founders are the richest people in the world, how has piracy affect their bottom line? If anything I think the bank accounts show they OVERPRICED their software to begin with. And then to vow to come down on copying software that costs hundreds of dollars...How are people (like me) that are poor suppose to compete/learn? By getting it anyway they can...A strategy Microsoft used, I might add. Anyway, piracy is not something that will be stopped. NO IMHO here, it is a fact.

I'm sorry to see microsoftne leave because of 'one' post - all that knowledge bound up in a thin skin... I wish you luck in your other forum.


oh yah, if this is a sting .... I don't wish you any luck .
Muwahhahaha! I love when I snuff out one of them. At least I got a good bandwith tip out of him before he showed us his true colors.

Long Live the Pirates!

What the heck is he talking about? What post?

How are people (like me) that are poor suppose to compete/learn? By getting it anyway they can...A strategy Microsoft used, I might add. Anyway, piracy is not something that will be stopped. NO IMHO here, it is a fact.

I so agree chalk. Some ppl might say, 'well get a job' Got news for ppl in Kentucky. Jobs are so scarce right now, (atleast where I live) I can't even beg the Employment Office here for a job, and if it's anything, it involves flipping burgers. Sorry, but I'm not spending 2-4 years in college to work for some picky manager who complains about relationships and whatnot for 9 hours a day. So no, piracy is never going to stop no matter how hard people try. Sorry to say but it's here to stay.
If companies would realize that the cost of software is crazy and drop it, software would sell like no tomorrow. Let's say M$ sells Office for $40. How many here would buy it so we could have tech support from them? How many non-computer people would buy it for home use?

RIAA does the same thing for CDs. They price fix them and tells us that it's for competition but ALL record companies are in RIAA. What competition? That is why Kazaa and Gnutella started after Napster died. Same for software. I believe the programmers should be paid but not that much for 1s and 0s on aluminium disks. I found out that one CD-ROM I bought for $20 only had 6 MB of data! It's a scam! A few dollars but not that much.

Till companies stop the greed and CEOs are honest, piracy will never end. Heck, I remember the good, old days on the 7 seas....:p
I have NO TIME or PATIENCE for condescending Suck-A$$' like THAT!!

CIAO M$ne, and dont let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way OUT!!!

Instead of Joining another forum, go and seek medical help in a SUPPORT FORUM,,, maybe,, FORD CLINIC for the CLINICALLY DEPRESSED??

I hate beauracrats and everyone who represents them!

GOOD ON YOU E! You called a shark a shark!!
Microsoft man?

What a shame! Shame when a $buck makes the differance between helping someone and cutting their throat!
I never have anything worth selling, and can't afford to buy so i depend on guys like you all to keep some kind of old puter going!
And i appreciate so much the help i've had on forums like this!
I thought something didn't add up about this guy when i e-mailed him with questions anyone should know that's a Microsoft Tech. and got such a stupid reply on this board till it just didn't figure:rolleyes:
Someone did come forward and help me out though, thanks much!!!
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