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what is this? links? information? is it fake? i heard its another name for windows longhorn. plz fill me in on tha info.

Before Longhorn I believe.

I could be wrong.
Blackcomb is the codename for the new MS server platform that should replace windows 2000 server as the standard. This product does not have a (tentative) release date yet.

Longhorn is the new MS desktop platform and is due for release in either 2004 or 2005, according to their representatives.

The March edition of CPU had an excellent article that compared Linux, Windows, and OSX as well as provided some insight about what to expect from these operating systems in the future. I highly recommend checking it out if you're at all interested.
hey seloce i thought windows 2003 server was gonna replace windows 2000 server but i could be wrong
""Blackcomb" will likely ship a few years after the release of Windows "Longhorn", " quoted from Microsoft reprisentetive
I am with A_Zip1, I heard that Windows 2003 Server is replacing Windows 2000 Server.
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