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Whenever I start the computer I get asked to; Enter your password for microsoft networking.I dont know what it,s all about you can type in anything and it clears it.
It started appearing a few weeks ago it doesent seem to affect anything it,s just annoying.
Can you help me. Thanks
This happens by default, usually when you enable File and Printer sharing. You can disable the file and printing sharing, but then if you're on a network you cant share files or print to network printers.
my computer -> control panel -> network -> set Primary Network Logon to Windows Logon

You muet remmember i,m a virgin and know nothing at all about file sharing or printer sharing, I,m just sat here on my own Pc fiddling about.
Why has this message started appearing and how can I get rid of it.
Thanks for any help.
Sorry azury, I posted the above message without seeing your instuctions, I did as you said it worked thanks a lot........
I dont supose you can help me get rid of another annoying thing that comes up everytime I start the computer, run-time error '70' access denied.
I have this posted elsewhere on the board so I supose I shouldent mention it here.
Anyway thanks again.
there is no problem in posting here too, but no-one will deal with it.. anyways, I usually don't know how to deal with these run-time errors, so I hope someone else will help you in the other thread..

cheers m8, happy to hear it helped.
most runtime errors i have been told are caused 90% of the time by trojans resideing on the host.
down load a trojan sniffer from
anti trojan watch is a good one and so is the cleaner, all free for evaluation.
good luck
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