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Please help. This may be something simple but it has puzzled myself and a few others. using Microsoft internet explore 6, the one that comes with xp, I can not login into any .net passport sites like hotmail from my home pc. I can however login with the same user name and password from another pc even using remote desktop. I have reset all the security settings in the browser to default, low, medium, medium high, high, custom etc trying to get it to work. I also have trouble logging into secure applications on websites like online purchasing i.e I can't proceed to checkout, ha. there are some sites and logins that work fine while others do not work at all I keep getting that page not available notification. I have the same problem in Netscape 6 is there any help for me short of reloading my os?:confused:
Thanks for the reply. I currently have the browser set to accept all cookies and IÂ’m still unable to sign in.
It wasnÂ’t always this way it started rather suddenly about two weeks ago.
I get to the login enter my info and end up swept away to the usual server is not available page, weird huh?
tried that, actually that was the first thing the folks at microsoft suggested. will life ever be the same, ha :)
Ã…nubis said:
Yeah Shan sure loves working for M$ :)
It's been my dream job ever since Bill Gates started M$ in 1980 (Also the year i was born :p )
ha, ha, nice.
I have all the new updates etc. I scan for new ones obsessively. My security settings are currently on medium, though I have tried them all recently.
yup sure do. here thing though, it worked before with the firewall and I have disabled it and tried the login process to see if that was the culprit I was still unabled to login with the firewall off.
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