Microsoft flight simulator X


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Hi guys,
Some one asked what games we am now playing. Well i have been obsessed for about 6 months now flying microsoft flight simulator X. In fact i think that in an emergency i could land a boeing 747.(if it would be in one piece when i land is a differnt matter)
Last week i bought a magazine called pc pilot in the mag i discovered a new sim just out by PMDG called "747-400 queen of the skies"which looks awsome. I have bought the sim & are awaiting delivery. However this sim demands a lot of graphic & a lot of system resources. So my system may need upgrading.
Starting with ram, at present i have 2 gb of ram which runs ok but, ideal i would prefer 4 gb, can anyone tell me the cheapest place to buy ram as i have dicovered the price has gone through the roof. My mother board has 2 slots so i would like 2gb in each slot.
My graphics card is an ATI radeon hd 4600 series and is fine no probs. But i may have to consider a new cpu & mother board as my present cpu is a AMD athlon 64 processor, which is ok but to be able to run this new game i am going to need a good processor. Can anyone give me any help on which cpu they would recomend, and what next. Of course i should wait to see what happens after i have installed this new game before i seek advice. So watch this space.:confused:

Thanks in advance..........Tweedy