Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser

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In Runtime
Using XPpro Rev 1 and IE6 Rev 1

When running MBSA after full scan I get panel:
Internet Explorer Script Error
An error has occurred in the script of this page

Line: 17
Char: 14
Error: Expected ']'
Code: 0
url: file://C\Program Files\Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser\ reports/xtml

When I try to proceed I get similar panel:

Line 60
Char: 3
Expected token 'eol' found 'NAME'
url: file://C\Proram Files\Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser\report.html

Iam not competent to understand this and need assistance to rectify. I have re-installed MBSA 3 times and have no problems with IE6. Please advise on best course.
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