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Hi everyone. This is my first post (probably of many, I'm a forum junkie...)

I'm working on a three part project and I want some advice.
I want to know how I can take information from a microsoft access database and send it/convert it/whatever to a website.
Eg. Someone updates news in a database macro and the information is updated on the website.

Second question. How could we then send information from said website to another access database.
Eg. Someone types in a complaint in a text field on the website and it is sent to database.

Any advice would be helpful. I have a broad range of skills, but I'm new to Microsoft Access.


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How much do you know about PHP / SQL databases? If you know how to do it with SQL then it's just a case of using a different database drive for Access:

The above URL gives examples.

Someone types in a complaint in a text field on the website and it is sent to database.
You'd typically have a server side application running that'd receive the results of the form via a GET / POST request - the server side application can then choose to do what it likes with the data, including adding it into another database.

Usually these are done in PHP, though Java servlets are another option. Have a Google around for PHP / Servlets and databases and you should find some pretty good articles about how to go about things (there's lots around.)

That said, I'd typically advise against using access wherever possible - it's a terrible database system! Oracle is of course the big, paid for corporate giant but I'd honestly recommend MySQL or PostgreSQL (both free) - the former is more popular but the latter is more fully featured (allows you to do OO for example.) If I had to pick I'd use MySQL any day over Access!


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I know access is horrible, but client has specifically requested it. When they realise how slow it down the track we will probably have to convert the system to a better database, so more work I suppose.

Thanks for the feedback anyway.