Mice, Mats and Motherboards.


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Upgrading my pc soon and have everything sorted but a few things i dont have the knowledge to decide on. I would be greatly appreciative if someone may give me some advice on this.

Motherboard - In the region of £100. Was looking at an asus p5b premium but now looking for something that maybe supports ddr2 1066 or ddr3 for future-proofing. Also, with ATI's new 4800 series taking the GFX market by storm there is the option of Crossfire, but this is not really neccessary for me - but, nonetheless, a nice addition.

Mouse + Mat - I am looking at a Logitech G5 for my mouse but i keep getting told by family i need a special mouse mat to use a laser mouse effectively? Could anyone enlighten me on this one? Also, i use a mouse mat with a wrist support to prevent RSI (i had problems with my wrist for a little while so was better to be safe than sorry) i dont suppose these is one of these "special" mouse mats with such support?

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go with a Razer Mouse, and they sell mats, specifically for their equipment.


mind you, they are abit pricey, but if you have the money, and are willing to spend...you will get an amazing mouse from them, i have one, and it simply out performs any other mouse I've used yet!