Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

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Though most of the people in Yorup celebrate Christmas on the 24th, the biggest question to come out first is: what did you get? :p
Thanks GeForce.

I got a nice DVD player and alot of new clothing :)
And Santa came around and gave me so lollies in a big red fire engine :D

I hope everyone else is having a very Merry Christmas :)
Yes, Merry Christmas to all...

Hope everyone has(had) a great Christmas, I'll tell ya what i get when I get it....hahah :)
w00t... sniffed out a new PIII-S 1.4 GHz Tualatin, very good replacement after I fried an AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz a couple months back, got clothes, $200 from my parents and grandparents, GTA: Vice City, and a new hard drive. :)

Can't forget the true meaning of Christmas though:

The true meaning is to celebrate Jesus's birth. He was born in Bethelhem in Israel. We get preset to celebrate the three wise men. We have the 12 days of Christmas because it supposedly took the three wise men (the three kings) 12 days after Jesus's birth to find him. Jesus is so special because he is the son of God. The Holy Spirit fertilized an egg in the Virgin Mary. His foster father was Joseph. We celebrate Christ's birth.

We get the name Christmas from the old English name. They celebrated the mass of Christ which celebrated his brith. The switched the words around and took out an s to get Christmas.

^ got the source above from the reverend at my church, but you'll get the same from any other clergyman :)
Got my CNPS6000-Cu, so my computer is practically silent now... got a bunch of money, a few DVDs, bunch of blank cds, and lots of candy :D

But what's important is that my family is all together for Christmas.. haven't seen my sister in quite a while, so that's the best gift I got this year

Hope everyone else is having a merry Christmas :)
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