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For reasons I don't want to get into detail about, for my car I need to have just one track. So I want to grab a few mp3 tracks that are in separate songs, and merge them together so they play right after one another. The tracks that I have are non DRM. What is the easiest way to do that and what type of software can I use? Thanks!
Yeah, I got audacity and installed lame encoder but I still can't figure out how to paste on at the end of each other.
yea, recently i had a couple recordings that were split and i needed to merge them. it was funny how i had to do it. i remember having the two files showing as two separate tracks, but lined up back to back.

try open one, then click edit move cusor to end. and finally a import...or paste, i forget exactly how.
Ok, this might work. I tried it with two test tracks and it seems to spit out a single mp3. But if both tracks are 320kbps how come to exported is only 128kbps? Is there a way to change that?
The new version must have changed their menu. Under preferences I don't see file format or bitrate. The closest thing I see is quality but there is no bitrate option, only sampling rate.
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