Memory which one should I get?

Well I did want to again thank the members for helping me diagnose my PSU problem a few weeks ago. Now as I said in that thread when I had it running with 2 of the 4 sticks they gave me errors. Now that I have my new PSU hooked up I'm kind of wary about putting those sticks back in to test if their any good or not. I'm kind of thinking maybe one of those shorted something out or something.

DDR2 memory is so cheap now I just figured I'd get some new memory to replace all 4 slots. I'm looking at the following kits. I've used G.Skill prior and had good experience with them so I'm kind of leaning towards them.

G.SKILL 8GB (4 x 2GB)

OCZ Reaper 4GB (2 x 2GB) 2, 4GB Kits