Memory Help


Daemon Poster
Wen computers came out you would ad Memory by installing 8. Bits 8. Chips I get this.

And you would ad One more Chip to eatch row for Parity I get this to.

But wen SIMMs came out they would have the same 8. Chips with the One chip for Parity but it was on a Card a SIMM Card I get this.

Then wen they came out with DIMMs the DIMM Card used ECC that replaced Parity I get this.

But were I get lost is this??

DIMMs are say 64 Bit ok I get this and you can have as mutch memory on it as you want I get this.

So if I get a DIMM that is 2. GB and that is 64 Bits wide does every Bank on the DIMM still have One Chip for ECC like SIMM had one Chip for Parity???