Memory Dump sometimes on start


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Just trying to figure out why, sometimes when I try and start windows I get a blue screen memory dump. My ram are good, I tested all of them out. I'm guessing it could be with my Overclocking, but do not know what to change to stop getting the dumps on start up.

I have my ram OC'd to 850MHz with 2.1 something volts, and my fsb to 1275. I changed my timings for my ram to 5-5-5-12, but that didn't seem to fix it. Any suggestions?

I love my OC, so I don't want to mess it up. I've ran torture tests on my ram and cpu for over 6 hours, and it's stable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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You could always return everything to stock settings to see if the dump still occurs. Overclocking aside, check if you have the latest Bios Firmware installed. Then get all the latest drivers for your hardware:

-Your mobo/chipset/network drives.
-Your Graphics Card
-Sound Card
-IDE/SATA/RAID Drivers (including Bios)
-Other components

When all these things are up to date, you should consider some other options. Do you still get the blue screens?

If yes, you should always try a new installation of your OS with the new drivers.

If you did all of these things or already done it, then you can start testing your hardware. Try testing your memory (with Memtest). Since you've already done that, I highly doubt there's anything wrong with your RAM. Scan your complete hard drive for any failures or Bad Sectors.