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The infestation from Afar has begun! Until the arrival of the deadly and massive Giant Sea Slugs a few months ago, the fair citizens of the land of Medievia lived a fairly peaceful existence, despite the horrors being fought within the land. However, this infestation from Afar is now forcing the population of Medievia to band together to protect and save their realm.

Vryce had warned all that great beasts would come from afar, and serve warning for things to come. He said, "The time shall soon come when your numbers and strength shall be tested. From afar will come great beasts and serpents, and they shall be a test unlike any since the great purging." Vryce has warned his heroes to build strong ships with strong hulls and to grow in strength before the time comes when it will be too late.

Now, just today, Marious and Vryce sat down in front of the gods and said that it is worse than they had feared. The giant beasts will test us, yes, possibly even break us, they said. Vryce then stood stiffly and said, "Today we have realized that our beasts are running, and we have seen what they are running from. We must hurry. The clans must prepare now. The ships must be built now. The storm of evil rising from afar will soon wash over our shores like a plague, and it will tear our civilization apart if we are not ready. I already fear it may be too late."

Giant Sea Slugs that trample the wilderness and wreak havoc in the land. Hellraider, Demon from Afar that drags you helplessly across the terrain and crucifies you. Chaotic Player Kill in the wilderness, where you don’t have friends or enemies. Floating Chaotic Player Kill citadels with cramped rooms and nowhere to hide. Rivers of lava and blood following in the wake of the gory storms from afar. Gargantuan and peaceful Jacob, a gentle giant tortoise who joins in the battle for unity in the land.

Come witness the advent of Medievia V!


Medievia, a massively multiplayer online text based role-playing game, is proud to announce the release of its newest version, a game so complex and complete that its long-time users claim that no other game in existence can come close to the depth of game play and social interaction that Medievia provides. Medievia has been host to a virtual world for over a decade and is now releasing the apex of its existence - Medievia V.

Medievia is a free virtual environment that has been in development since 1991. Medievia offers imaginative game play and an environment so compelling hundreds of its users have continued to log in and play daily for five or more years. Imagine a game that has the intuition to track your happiness, pride, sadness, and fear, and then changes the game to fit your needs. Imagine a world in which intelligent monsters from afar bring chaos and evil to the world you know. Imagine a multi-player realm in which you can join together with friends and clan members to battle against other player groups in real-time quests. Imagine an online community where the relationships you form with your fellow adventurers are so strong you will remember them for a lifetime. Medievia V offers its players not only excellent game play with its Dungeon Master, Mob Factions, Dragon Lairs, Clan Ships, Bloodlines, Master Heroes and Naval Battles, but it also offers a unique social environment in which to create and sustain strong and lasting friendships.
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