Media Stream/Sharing Problems?


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Hey, ive been having problems with my computer and laptop, Also my xbox 360 and Ps3!

I have been trying to stream music to my xbox 360 and Ps3 so i can listen whilst i play, but there is a weird confusing problem...

On the xbox 360, it has Windows Media Center, i can connect fine to my computer and listen to music watch videos etc without a problem.
But, when i come out of that i try to connect to it using a different way it cannot find my computer system, only the laptop and not the desktop?
A few screenshots of the xbox 360...

Connecting to Windows media center from xbox 360

Connected to Windows media center to Xbox 360

Trying to listen to music whilst in game : Pc Selection not using Media Center

Pc's On Network (Trying to share files to other computer)

Trying to access, but requires a password for a unknown reason, when inputted says is wrong..

Help would be grately appreciated
Kind Regards