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So here's my problem... I have hundreds of music videos and hundreds of mp3s. I need a media player that can do the following things. I want it to be able to play both music videos and mp3s in a playlist. VLC can't do this. I want it to normalize the volume levels on the mp3s and videos. VLC claims to be able to normalize volume levels but it does a fair job of normalizing volumes on mp3s and saying it does a poor job of normalizing volume levels on music videos would be too generous. I need it to make a shuffled playlist. Not random. Anyone who plays the files on their computers as frequently as I do can tell you. Randomizing a playlist is no way to go. All the media players keep picking the same files in their "random" lists. The only way is a shuffled playlist with a resume feature. That's the only way to hear all of your media in your collection regularly. Foobar is the best mp3 player I've ever used and I've used a lot of them. Shuffled resume is by far the best.
But if anyone knows of a media player that can do these 3 simple things and do it well please let me know. You would make me a very happy person.
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