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can anyone help please. I wanted to watch a video but windows media player only lets u listen to mp3, wma. I tried to install real player but its says thats only 14days free trial was real player not free?. and whats the best and free to watch movies can any1 tell me plz? :)


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what filetype is the video? WMP can play most filetypes if u have the right codecs. Download K-lite codec pack and then wmp should be able to play almost all files. .RMVB is a real player file, but u can get it working with media player classic too if u want to. However the easiest way to play these files is to install real player.
I would say Go into WMP and hit help then check for updates and download Any.
OR! Download hte DIvx player I know that when i tried to watch my gundam wing episodes on Wmp i had to install the Divx so that i could see them


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ok well i have downloaded devx and i am running with the current update..i am starting to think that it is the file that has the problem, but when i then the file does play fine with the real time player (i need to send this file to windows movie make to edit it)......what should i do?