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Hi all, I recently installed Windows Media Player 9.0 Beta version and i am having problems with it (too numerous to mention here). (the 9.0 is installed on XP home edition) i want to uninstall it but im unable find it in my add/remove programs list or windows explorer. any help would be appreciated. thanks,George
If your using xp than you can go back to to a time before you installed win player 9.0. Click on start button than go to all programs click accessories, system tools next. Left click on system restore. Pick a time when you know it was before you installed the software. That's it. Next time you what to try a new software go to system and you can make a specific time or name that you can easily remember before you down load any software.
Hi teknor, sorry i didnt mention this b/4 i tried sys restore allready i went back 1 day it said it couldnt restore tried 1 week and then one month got the same result unable to restore. so it brought me back to my previous day.alot of strange stuff has happened since i installed media 9.0 like... i was unable to do a error check or a chkdsk. strange huh?? thanks for your reply tho. regards,Geo.
I think System restore is the only way.
But still i will make a search in the net and let u know.
Getting the add/remove back from hidden.

Before this actions make sure that show all files is enabled in the folder options, by going to tools menu>folder option in the explorer window.

First edit the file named sysoc.inf. This file can be found in a folder named INF, which is a subfolder of the Windows folder (or in some cases the winnt folder, depending on how your OS was installed). You can open that file in notepad. Look for the following line:


and remove the word "hide" while leaving the commas on place. Close and save the file, and then open the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel, so that you can remove it like any other program.
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