medal of honor/empire earth crashing

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please someone help medal of honor and empire earth games are crashing to desk top and even sometimes restarting my comp. Running windows xp, ti4600 gforce4 128mb card with soundblaster live 5.1 sound card, 120gb hd, 1gb ram, amd2000(1.6gb proc i think) comp is only 4 months old. Ive updated drivers on both video and sound cards. Worked for a day and they started crashing again.

Ive used driver cleaning programs and downloaded the latest drivers from microsoft and each manufactures websites. But to no avail. Had moh working fine but empire earth was still crashing. Now both are doing it again. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Im stuck and out of ideas. Ive used system restore to when the games were running fine. I havent installed any new software since they started crashing. Maybe im installing the drivers wrong or in the wrong mode or maybe im not getting rid of old drivers now they are conflicting. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. Forgot to say both the games were working fine for 3 months. Also tried doing a clean boot to see if microsofts programs were causing the problem and they werent. Ive searched website after website for answers till i found this site. Please help.
Try running the games in Windows 98 Compatibility mode.

To do this, right click on the game .exe and click the compatibility tab. Check the "run in *blah* mode and pick 98.

See if that helps.
guy i tried the win98 thing and it still crashed hope someone can help. could the kazaa i have be causing it?
uninstalled every program i had since i got the comp including kazaa except microsoft programs but still crashing
Okay, SfcSteal, are other games doing this also? I had this problem with Battlefield 1942, and I found that the CD was messed up because it wouldn't play on another system. If you have access to another system, see if it will run on in.
hey SfcSteal , u've said both games were working fine for 3 months ( which is before u install the new drivers ) ...why dont u remove the new drivers and try using the old ones ??

Just to let u know dat nividia's new drivers are know to cause some bugs...
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