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HELLO ALL like the last new guy said i am no expert but have a lot of experience. I am a current IT student i have been using PC's since grade school----i am 28 so since mid80's but i have not had the pleasure of owning my own till last summer......but wait before you judge me...........i have a friend who all his life strives to know all about the things he is passionate about. well as of 97 he got his first computer(he is a gamer from the days of the coleco systems) he knew little about it jacked it up as he put it then decided to learn all there was to know about it, well that was my inspiration. i learned from his and my own mistakes, and i have made a few. but i have decided to keep uptodate with eveything and built my computer myself(lotsa problems mainly myfault or bad products)but now i have my computer up and running smoothly and keep informed by reading THG( that should need no
explanation) and a few other tech type website as well as tech tv when i get a chance. and since i am an avid gamer(main reason for building this)i am a die hard Nvidia Fan as well as MSI IMO the best card producer on the planet,best prices as far as cards go as well, so you may hear me dog ATi but i appreciate the compitition so Nvidia doesn't slack off and put out crap(oh wait the FX5200 is already out)my main area of interest is Hardware i am doing poorly with programming in school so i am not much for software other than my opinion of how well it works for us non-programmers. well that is all for now. if i get better at programming i will update this:p
Well at least he posted it. He could of just said hi like everyone else and that would be even more boring. haha, everyone just says "Hi, I am [whoever]" you know?
well i may have been a little longwinded but i just kinda read what chopper or whoever said about what to put in it, if i knew no-one wanted to know anything about my puter background i would have had a really short hi i am cliff i own a computer and like it alot and stuff..... LOL ATi Still sucks!
Oh OK Cliffro. Like I said, thanks for the background info, whether it bores us or not.
i'm not getting smart with ya randy, don't take that the wrong way i'm just having a good laugh over it cause i was thinking the same thing after i posted it
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