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Let's set aside our opinions of Mc Affee and let's look at another issue about Mc Affee for a moment shall we. I have used Mc Affee for years under XP and it had problems now and then updating the virus signatures. It would turn off the protection, update then turn itself back on. Sometimes it would turn off the protection, update then stop leaving me to turn the protection back on. Since I bought a new Windows 7 computer, also with Mc Affee that has never happened it has yet to fail to turn on the protection. Is there something about Windows 7 that I do not understand that is preventing Mc Affee from not turning the protection back on again?
Mc Afee doesn't turn the protection off in the first place when it updates it's virus sigs, as far as I knew it was only the old versions of McAfee AV that used to turn off the protection while it updated. I used it also on Vista and it never turned off protection, and I don't recall it doing it at all when I had Vista, the only time I recall it turning off was when I used XP. Do see your point though, but I think it may have something to do with the actuall McAfee product not the OS. Vista's and all Ms OS's since that are a different back end to XP, so the actual McAfee AV although looks the same is probably a complete different program, if you get my drift.
You got me backwards. It wasn't operating correctly under XP, but its fine under 7. Is 7 that much different from XP to allow Mc Afee to work better under 7?
Yes 7 is that much different. But it should operate fine in XP. I would contact McAfee support and see what they say.
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