Mazdapaloza 08


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Nice. I can't wait for Sevenstock this year. :D It's sponsored by Mazda and held at the Mazda HQ in Irvine, CA. :D

I heard last year they had the 787B there and revved it for the crowd.


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Sure, come over to California. I'm going down to go with Ownage if you remember him. He's going to UC Irvine anyways so it'll be easy for him.


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LOL it rained? It rained at FocusFest too.

Do you drive a 3? A buddy of mine is getting a sedan soon. Should be fun if he will let me tinker with it.


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I like the S2K and Miata :)
I love the MX-5, especially the older ones. Looks a bit feminine but they'll own your face if properly tuned.

Not a big fan of the S2000 though. I can appreciate the power of the F20C/F22C1, but for $34,300 starting I don't think it's worth the price tag. It's a great performer mind you, just a bit too steep of a price for a Honda. Heh, my friend calls it the DelSol2000 because the interior resembles a Honda DelSol. :p

mmmmmm, 4 rotor. Very nice.
Mhmm, indeed. The legendary 1991 LeMans winner.